agency in motion

Peppered with sculptural fragility and angularity, my work draws on the tension between ballet technique structure and artistic freedom. Intricate patterns, fragmentation, repetition, and suspension are recurrent tools in this exploration. Exaggerated, extended movement drives a delicate balance between linear pathway creation and divergence. I find refreshed perspective through phrase deconstruction, mining movement details that parallel my overarching choreographic intention as well as rhythm and direction. These movement studies open the mind and body to clarity and understanding, both about ourselves and the world around us.

As a contemporary ballet dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist, my intent is to encourage movers to make ballet a more relevant, inclusive, and responsible art form. I believe ballet has the potential to cultivate positive body awareness, strength, and movement autonomy among dancers. It is our responsibility as artists to reimagine approaches to ballet classwork and choreography and generate that change through mindful embodied practice.